Allantoin, what it is and why it is in NudiSkin foundation

Discovered in 1912 by Macalister, as the main active ingredient in comfrey root, and later rediscovered in animals (primarily Ruminants, such as cows and bison).  In 1935 allantoin was isolated and incorporated into cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Since then, Allantoin has gained in the ranks of the premium ingredients for skin care and the fight against aging skin. Even after the cosmetic industry’s eagerness to find and launch the latest “super star” ingredient in skin care, Allantoin’s benefits to the skin and overall safety profile has allowed it to remain a top ingredient for high quality skin care and cosmetics.

So you may wonder, what does it do exactly…well…we know that Allantoin moisturizes, helps prevent sunburns, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin, protects the skin and boosts skin regeneration. Now, exactly how Allantoin works and provides so many skin benefits without side effects is not very well understood, however, it is believed that it raises white blood cell count and enhances lymph fluid circulation where ever it is topically applied, additionally studies have been able to show how it is able to interact with the skin’s keratin process to protect it. I’ll elaborate: our body constantly functioning to protect and regulate our skin, to do so it sends a large number of proteins and lipids to the outer layer of the skin, the process is called keratinization. When keratinization is unbalanced too much keratin is produced and the skin’s protective function is altered, allantoin interacts with the skin keratin to thin an abnormally thickened stratum corneum (top layer of skin).

BE AWARE:  This is not to say that you can go buy the ingredient allantoin and start applying it on your skin, NO, don’t do it! This is a potent ingredient that should only be included in formulations if you are knowledgeable on how and when to use it.


Our foundation formula uses a combination of skin nurturing ingredients (which include allantoin) that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

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