Is your skin experiencing acne breakouts and can’t figure out why?

Is your skin experiencing acne breakouts and can’t figure out why? This ingredient may be the culprit yet it’s in most makeup lines! 

Bismuth Oxychloride Also known as synthetic pearl, is a synthetically-prepared powder created from bismuth (a heavy metal), oxygen and chlorine that is used in cosmetics because of its abilities to create a white pigment, shimmery look, and silky feel in addition to its exceptional ability to adhere to the skin once it’s worked into your pores. It’s the primary ingredient included in most “mineral makeup” lines.

Our makeup is hypoallergenic and irritant free thus our makeup and other products do not contain Bismuth Oxychloride because the ingredient is a known irritant. Makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride requires repeated buffing to work the ingredient into the pores because if it not worked into the pores the products containing this ingredient will just slide off your skin.

Unfortunately, the buffing can cause irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skin. The heaviness of the ingredient also clogs pores which then results into acne breakouts. Any makeup containing bismuth oxychloride can result in itchy skin, white heads, blackheads, enlarged pores, cystic acne and even premature aging.

As if the consequences of using makeup with bismuth oxychloride that have already been mentioned aren’t enough, there’s more serious concerns: Pure concentrations of bismuth oxychloride nanoparticles appear to have a negative effect on human skin cells. Yes, the bismuth oxychloride nanoparticles can affect your skin cells!


Does the makeup you currently use have bismuth oxychloride? Try switching to bismuth oxychloride free makeup, like NUDISKIN® Cosmetics!

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